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Barrett Whitepaper: The History of Sales Methodologies – Why Some Work and Others Don't 

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Gillian Hund, CEO & Publisher, Copeland Publishing of Melbourne's Child
The sales training provided by Sue Barrett was very timely, practical and full of ideas and processes that stimulated my sales staff to consider the why, what and hows of selling. In a highly competitive business environment trainers that have a logical, no nonsense approach get the attention and respect of the participants. Her Sales more

What others are saying

"It is pleasing to see successful businesses like Barrett both rewarded for their hard work and recognised for their achievements. Barrett, with excellence in all aspects of its business, is an important role model of other boutique businesses."

Director, AusIndustry
"Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships."
Ross Perot

Everybody lives by selling something

Barrett partners with its clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales operations.


Working as a team we enable our clients to:

  • Sell more, more effectively, at healthier margins and with less risk of failure
  • Make more informed decisions regarding 
    • Whom to employ
    • Who to train and coach
    • How to ensure a more effective sales force with better, sustainable bottom line results

Barrett educates and enables our clients to lead and run highly effective sales operations and sales careers. Our full portfolio of services.

We believe in the 21st Century that selling is everybody's business and everybody lives by selling something and that the definitions of ‘selling’ and ‘something’ are now very different. ‘Something’ used to be nothing more than products and services. In the 21st Century products and services are no longer enough on their own. Organisations have to be engaged in ideas, opinions, knowledge, wisdom, insight, advice and talent.

‘Selling’ used to be nothing more than product monologues – features and benefits dished up to a captive audience. In the 21st Century product monologues are redundant. Organisations have to do more than just ‘do a deal’. They have to engage with their increasingly informed clients, proactively identify opportunities and have a meaningful dialogue around service, relationships and results.

If you want to succeed in the 21st Century then you have to change your thinking to change your world.

At Barrett we believe that there are very few absolutes and everything is subject to reinvention. We believe that the best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them.  We believe that selling & service go hand in hand - if you do not engage in proactive consultative selling you are doing a disservice to your clients and your business.

To us ‘selling’ is about the fair exchange of value. We give everybody access to life skills, tools, knowledge and personal insights so that we are all able to communicate and proactively sell ourselves effectively, ethically and confidently in any situation.  With Brain Science and Research at our core, we work across five key domains with respect to Sales MasterySales Consulting, Sales StrategyAssessment, Sales Training  and Sales Coaching

We instil the belief that in a 21st Century world selling is everybody’s business and everybody lives by selling something.

Sue Barrett

learn about your approach to training Sales Training

The purpose of Barrett's Sales Training is to give everyone skills, processes, tools and personal insight so that all are able to proactively and consistently sell effectively, ethically and confidently in any situation - whether you are ...   read more about sales training .....

discover how businesses can benefit Sales Coaching

Managing results and processes well but unsure how to coach people? Do you want to develop an area that is holding you back?  Is your coaching reactive, haphazard or limited to informal chats? Are you loosing talented staff to competitors?

barrett assessments Assessments

At Barrett we are staffed by a lead team of experienced, qualified business professionals skilled and accredited in the use of a range of proprietary assessments tools, simulations more about Assessments ...

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Hiring sales talent, especially sales people who can sell sounds straight forward but given the nature of selling, the messiness of relationships and the behaviours that make ... read more about hiring sales talent ... 

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