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Matt Berriman, GM and Group Director CC Media
I met Sue Barrett many years ago when I was an athlete at the VIS participating in one of her management consultancy sessions, since then Sue has been a fantastic supporter, mentor and business consultant to me personally and now CC Media in recent times. Sue's at the very forefront of management and sales consultancy and has had more

What others are saying

"Barrett worked in partnership with me to develop an end-to-end model for a new innovative sales team. Their approach was unique in that they worked in partnership with us across recruitment, training, needs analysis, pitch planning and the end delivery."

Manager, Major Australian Bank
"We must become the change we want to see."
Mahatma Gandhi

Types of Assessments

Barrett are accredited users of the following psychometric assessment tools:
  • SPQ*Gold (Sales Preference Questionnaire)
  • SPI-Q (Sales Performance Insights Questionnaire)
  • Hogan Suite of Assessment Tools
  • Genesys Suite of Assessments Tools
  • Genos EI

Barrett are Research Partners with:
  • SPI-Q (Sales Performance Insights Questionnaire), Performance Insights

What should you measure?
You are unlikely to get all the information you need from one assessment.  There are a variety of assessments you can use in isolation or in combination and you need to select the ones that will determine what you need to measure for your role. Please note that these assessments are not perfect therefore they need to be used in consultation with other reliable data combined with feedback or coaching (sales coaching) to give a more complete picture of a person.

union of two different type od assessments used for coaching
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