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Paul Claessen, Member of Entrepreneurs Organisation Perth Chapter
Great to have you both over for the chapter retreat and thanks very much for the quality of your presentation.  I am sure Chris would have told you that last years chapter retreat keynote presenter was hauled off after 15 minutes of a 1 hour presentation - you got through a day and a half with a fully engaged crowd, you can draw the obvious inferences from that. Recommendation is the sincerest form of thanks more

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"Barrett worked in partnership with me to develop an end-to-end model for a new innovative sales team. Their approach was unique in that they worked in partnership with us across recruitment, training, needs analysis, pitch planning and the end delivery."

Manager, Major Australian Bank
"Business is not just doing deals; business is having great products, doing great engineering, and providing tremendous service to customers. Finally, business is a cobweb of human relationships."
Ross Perot

Sales Performance SPI-Q

Measuring Sales Performance Characteristics and Style

SPI-Q (Sales Performance Insight Questionnaire) is the latest and most comprehensive sales assessment tool in the marketplace. The Sales Performance Insights Questionnaire (SPI-Q) has been developed in Australia by Performance Insights and focuses on the attributes that are uniquely relevant to sales. It is the only product in the market that predicts the multi-dimensional characteristics required by today's sales professionals, and measures the subtle but critical characteristics that differentiate successful sales people. The questionnaire measures 25 Sales Attributes, clustered into three broad domains:-

1. Compelling Relationships – which measure the preferences the individual has when working with clients and developing relationships i.e. Impact, Credibility, Insight, Attentiveness, Initiation, Influence, Social Leverage, Client Engagement, and Negotiation.

2. Perceptive Reasoning – which measures how the individual processes information and makes judgments relating to client issues and solutions i.e. Research, Exploration, Agility, Pursues Learning, Creativity, Structure, Quality Orientation, Rational, Specialist, and Judgement.

3. Channelled Energy – which measures the motivators and levers which drive the individual to succeed i.e. Authenticity, Resilience, Self Belief, Recovery, Motivation, Sales Drive

The questionnaire has been designed to be highly pragmatic and user-friendly, requiring minimal training; with standard interpreted report outputs, which are adapted based on the individual's results. The SPI-Q is a self-report questionnaire, and the accuracy of this profile depends on how honest the individual has been when completing the questionnaire, as well as their self-awareness. It reflects their preferred style, rather than their ability. However, research shows that people's responses to personality questionnaires can act as a good predictor of how they are likely to behave on the job. There is no one 'perfect profile'.

  • Administered online via user name and password sourced via an accredited provider.
  • The SPI-Q can be used for recruitment and development. It produces individual reports along with accompanying team summary reports, development and coaching reports. We use it for our coaching (sales coaching)
  • SPI-Q will NOT measure values, leadership styles & derailers, cognitive attributes and abilities or prospecting fitness.

Barrett are Research Partners with
  • SPI-Q (Sales Performance Insights Questionnaire), Performance Insights
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